WATCH: Famous Filipino movie lines in other languages

MANILA, Philippines – Have you ever wondered what your favorite Tagalog movies sound like when dubbed in other languages?

We all know about the Filipino's resilient spirit and hospitality, but did you also know that some of our local shows have gained international acclaim as well?

Local classics like Pangako Sa 'Yo, Forevermore, and Mara Clara have amassed loyal followings even among non-Filipinos in other countries.

For World Translation Day, we've gathered young Filipinos fluent in foreign languages to showcase what some of our favorite Filipino movie lines would sound like if shown in other countries.

From French, the language of love, to Korean, the language that has consumed an inordinate number of Filipinos, watch as these talented young linguists act out the lines we Pinoys have come to know and love.

Which of your favorite Filipino movie lines can you say in a different language? Share it with us in the comments section below! –