Movies playing this week: 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' 'Trophy Wife' and more

MANILA, Philippines  Guardians of the Galaxy, about a group of unlikely superheroes, leads this week's lineup, as does Trophy Wife, a movie about revenge and a woman caught in between two men. 

Guardians of the Galaxy  

Excited to see Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Vin Diesel as different superheroes in Guardians of the Galaxy? Now's your chance! 



A teacher named Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) spots someone who looks like him while watching a show. He soon meets Anthony, who resembles him. Adam's obsession leads to complications involving people around them.



Trophy Wife

Lani (Cristine Reyes) finds herself caught between her former lover Chino (Derek Ramsay) and his brother Sammy (John Estrada), whom she married.



Blood Widow 

A couple and their group of friends discover an abandoned property that used to be a boarding school, following a massacre that took place. When they explore the property, they find themselves in danger after disturbing a person known as the Blood Widow.  



Possessed  (Pee Kao Pee Ook) 

A group of college students go to a remote Chinese cemetery to film a movie for their senior-year project. However, the romantic story turns into horror, when they discover that date they chosen to film the movie coincides with the Chinese Ghost Festival.