Movies playing this week: 'Ant-Man,' 'Magic Mike XXL,' and more

MANILA, Philippines – A master burglar turns into a superhero, plus the boys, led by Channing Tatum, are back on screen. Ant-Man and Magic Mike XXL lead this week's list of movies in cinemas.



Paul Rudd stars as  Scott Lang, a master burglar  who takes on the identity of Ant-man from Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), who becomes his mentor. Scott must use his powers to prevent a danger from those who want to use it for evil purposes. 


Mike ( Channing Tatum) gave up the life of a stripper, and his friends might be heading in the same direction – but not before one last epic performance.

Die Fighting


A group of martial artists take part in a movie where the violent scenes are real.

Love Forecast 


Kang Joon-soo is friends with Kim Hyun-woo, a popular weather reporter. Joon-soo has been in love with her for the longest time, and comforts Hyun-woo when the latter goes through a personal problem that tests her reputation.