MTRCB sounds off for Ryzza Mae

MANILA, Philippines - The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has scheduled a "mandatory conference" on Thursday, September 5, to clarify "scenes allegedly insensitive and unfriendly to children" in the GMA programs "Eat Bulaga!" and "The Ryzza Mae Show."

"In Eat Bulaga's 29 July 2013 episode, a host spat juice into the face of child-actress Ryzza Mae Dizon," the board noted in its statement released Wednesday, September 5.

"And during the 14 August 2013 episode of The Ryzza Mae Show, a guest told the said child actress-host "landing bata ka" - to which the latter replied by pleading that she was just a child, and asking the said guest not to be harsh on her."

The board said these scenes "palpably violate the dignity of the child."

Watch the 'Eat Bulaga!' 'juice' clip here:

"The Ryzza Mae Show's" August 14 episode had guest Gelsa Buhok repeatedly uttering the phrase, "malanding bata ka [you're a flirty kid]," in response to Dizon's inquiring if this guest had a boyfriend.

"Meron. Bakit, aagawin mo? Ang bata, bata mo pa ah. Landing bata 'to," replied Gelsa Buhok. (Yes, I have. Why? Will you steal him? You're so young. You're a flirty kid.)

The child was quick to retort, "Bakit? Pag tinatanong ba aagawin na agad?" (Why? If I ask, does it mean I'll steal him from you?)

"Bata pa ko. Ate huwag ha. Dahan-dahan. Ikaw naman ang sungit mo sa'kin, nagtatanong lang." (I'm still a kid. Don't. Slow down. You're so cross. I was just asking.)

Watch Ryzza's interview with 'Gelsa Buhok' here:

The board concluded its statement, saying it would determine "what caused these scenes, who are responsible thereof, and what immediate and concrete measures can be done so they do not happen again."

The statement noted "the welfare of children" as being "the most vulnerable in media and entertainment."

In an interview with Rappler in June, after the board summoned Vice Ganda and ABS-CBN, MTRCB chairman Eugenio Villareal said they were specifically monitoring "The Ryzza Mae Show," among other programs, in their goal of balancing freedom of expression and media ethics. -