HIGHLIGHTS: K-pop group iKON heats up Philippine stage

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino iKONICs packed the Mall of Asia Arena on Sunday, November 11 to see Korean pop group iKON perform their hits for the very first time on Philippine soil.

Way before showtime, the crowd was so excited for the concert that they started singing along to the iKON songs being played in the background – with fan chants to boot.

Members B.I (Kim Han-bin), Jay (Kim Jin-hwan), Song (Song Yun-hyeong), Bobby (Kim Ji-won), DK (Kim Dong-hyuk), Ju-ne (Koo Jun-hoe), and Chan (Jung Chan-woo) opened their show with "Bling Bling," "Sinosijak" (a pre-debut song which the group also released in 2018), and "Rhythm Ta."

Showtime! #iKONinManila #iKONCONTINUETOURinManila pic.twitter.com/8fW5AYgmTC — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 11, 2018 "Sinosijak" never fails to hype up the crowd. Look at that audience! #iKONinManila pic.twitter.com/8ZbmH4tR9O — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 14, 2018


During their introductions, member Jay said he has a special tie with the Philippines since he stayed in Davao before. He and the rest of the members went on to greet the fans with a few Filipino words before resuming the show with "Cocktail" and "Only You."

After the group performance, iKON's vocal line left the stage while rappers B.I and Bobby stayed to play a quick game with the audience. They divided the crowd into two teams and did a little competition on which team can sing "Love Scenario" the loudest.

When it sounded like a draw, B.I and Bobby played rock-paper-scissors instead to determine the winner. Bobby lost and shouted "Saranghae" (I love you) without his microphone, much to the delight of the fans.

Remember this "Love Scenario" battle? Watch how B.I won and what Bobby had to do after he lost #iKONinManila pic.twitter.com/hCrbctQQa7 — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 14, 2018


The two left the stage after the game and vocals Jay, Song, DK, Ju-ne, and Chan returned to sing "Perfect."

Then it was time for the rappers' solo stages. First up was Bobby, with "Tendae" from his solo album Love and Fall. B.I then sang his solo song from the Return album, "One and Only," before Bobby joined him onstage for "Anthem."

By the end of "Anthem," the rest of the group joined the two to sing their iconic line: "iKON is coming to town!" The group later performed "B-DAY," "My Type" (where Jay adorably told the fans "Sakin ka na lang!"), and "Rubber Band."

Jay's "Sakin ka na lang!" during "My Type"!!! #iKONinManila pic.twitter.com/6hYN2BehI9 — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 14, 2018 What did you do this year to improve? Jay said he worked on his vocals. Ju-ne said he worked out *shows abs* Song: Pinaghirapan ko pagkagwapo ko. #iKONinManila pic.twitter.com/SSa8B7575Y — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 14, 2018 Before "Best Friend," the boys chose their best friend for the day. The pairings? Bobby-Ju-ne DK-Song Chan chose B.I over Jay "since the Philippines is Jay's second home." #iKONinManila pic.twitter.com/aJw6JQEXzK — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 14, 2018


They then sang "Best Friend," "Everything" and the much awaited song "Love Scenario" before ending with "Goodbye Road," "Killing Me," and "Freedom."

“Best Friend” feat unicorn Jay #iKONinManila pic.twitter.com/krZsSma5PF — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 14, 2018 Here’s iKON’s hit song, “Love Scenario”! #iKONinManila pic.twitter.com/GxDNwW7ikI — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 14, 2018 Listen to the loud fanchants during “Killing Me”! #iKONinManila pic.twitter.com/H3X81gcH5W — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 14, 2018


When iKON left the stage, the fans turned off their Konbats (iKON's light stick), turned their cellphone lights on, and filled the arena with rainbow lights. They also sang the chorus of "Don't Forget" together while waiting for the boys to return for the encore.

For their encore, iKON met their fans up close as they sang "Just For You," "Love Scenario," "Don't Let Me Know," "Dumb & Dumber," and "B-DAY." During one of the songs, the boys asked the fans to put their phones down so they can see their fans' faces.

Jay, who called the Philippines his second home, said he fell deeper and deeper in love with the country throughout the show. 

"You guys are the best!" the boys said before taking their final bow. 

What a night, iKON! #iKONinManila pic.twitter.com/0Gw8PgZ1ks — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 14, 2018


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