Idina Menzel sings Filipino version of 'Let It Go' at PH concert

MANILA, Philippines – In an earlier interview, award-winning actress Idina Menzel said that she was looking forward to singing for Filipinos, whom she said had a great appreciation for musical theater. At her Manila show Sunday night, June 7, she had a special surprise for her Pinoy fans. ([LISTEN] Idina Menzel: Take risks, remain vulnerable)

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Nearing the end of the show held at the MOA Arena, she talked about how she had been wanting to come to the Philippines for the longest time. She launched into "No Day But Today," a song from Rent, then asked the crowd to sing along with her. Immediately after that, she segued into "Let It Go," the instant classic from mega hit Frozen – with a few verses in Filipino. (RELATED: IN PHOTOS: Idina Menzel sings with 3 Pinoy audience members at PH concert)

"Bumitaw, bumitaw," she sang, at one point checking to make sure she had the words right and asking the crowd to sing along with her. "'Di ko na matatago / bumitaw, bumitaw / Isarado ang pinto/ Kahit na anong sabihin / Bumagyo pa man / Lamig ay hindi alintana." (IN PHOTOS: 10 standout moments from the Idina Menzel Manila show)

(Let it go / let it go / can't hold it back anymore / let it go / let it go / turn away and slam the door / I don't care what they're going to say / let the storm rage on / the cold never bothered me anyway.) 

Check out the instavideo posted by celebrity Tim Yap below:

"Bumitaw, bumitaw. Di ko na matatago..." Or the Filipino translation of "Let It Go." @idinamenzel was such a riot onstage. So happy I caught the show! #IdinaMenzel A video posted by Tim Yap (@officialtimyap) on Jun 7, 2015 at 7:46am PDT


And here's the part where the Pinoy crowd sang "No Day But Today" with her as a whole. 

No day but today: a sea of stars as the Filipino audience sang with @IdinaMenzel. Now more than ever I can say that everybody here can really sing! (The impromptu part where she got random members from the audience proves that.) What a wonderful, touching and fun show. Bravo!!! #IdinaMenzel #pulplive #pldthomefibr A video posted by Tim Yap (@officialtimyap) on Jun 7, 2015 at 8:05am PDT


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