[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Parokya ni Edgar

MANILA, Philippines – Parokya ni Edgar will have their own Rappler Live Jam on Wednesday evening, October 26! 

The band – Chito Miranda, Buwi Meneses, Vinci Montaner, Darius Semana, Gab Chee Kee, and Dindin Moreno –  have been going strong since they hit the Philippine music scene in the '90s.

Their songs – classics like "Harana" and "The Yes Yes Show" – have made many swoon and laugh over the years. Many, many memories have been made to Parokya Ni Edgar's songs. (IN PHOTOS: Parokya ni Edgar's 'Pogi Years Old' album launch)

Parokya also just released their first album in 6 years, Pogi Years Old, and it's filled with the combination of earnest, sweet songs and the mischievous humor they are known for. ([READ] New Parokya ni Edgar album: The sweet story behind Chito's songs for Neri)

Pogi Years Old features Vinci Montaner, who has left and returned more than once in the band's history. And while Vinci got a special mention in Pogi Years Old, he said during the album's press conference: he's "back for bad."

Join us as we sing along to Parokya's old and new hits at on Live Jam! Tune in here or on fb.com/rapplerent! – Rappler.com