[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Cynthia Alexander

MANILA, Philippines – Cynthia Alexander is bringing her signature sound to Rappler HQ!

The singer-songwriter will be performing on January 5, Friday, ahead of the launch of her new album, Even Such Is Time.

Cynthia is an indie music mainstay, having released 3 studio albums and one live album. She's also collaborated on projects such as Ballet Philippines’ Wagas and the internationally staged jazz-electronica-folk project, Humanfolk.

Her new album, which was partially funded through Indiegogo, has the artist stripping her sound down to an ultimately more intimate vibe, with many of the songs focusing on the sound of the guitar and her voice.

Cynthia will be launching the album on January 13 at the Music Museum, with the folk-pop group Ben&Ben. She will be performing with a group that includes percussionist and vocalist Mlou Matute.

Here's Cynthia's Live Jam set list:

Dressed For Nowhere


Comfort In Your Strangeness