Review: 7107 International Music Festival

MANILA, Philippines – To put the 7107 International Music Festival together, it wasn't enough to invite one or two big-name artists, have the show at all the usual big-ticket venues, and then be done with it.

The show had to be unlike anything the Philippines had ever seen – a large-scale festival in the mold of Coachella in the US, and Glastonbury in the UK. 

Despite some glitches and a few on-site foibles, 7107 delivered on the promise of a dream weekend for music fans.

The set-up

For many of the people who paid the steep ticket price and made the trek to the Global Gateway Logistics City in Clark Field, Pampanga, the 4 magic words were Red Hot Chili Peppers. When the inclusion of one of the most popular rock bands on the planet was confirmed, everything else was icing on the cake. Still, organizers made sure concertgoers had the experience of a lifetime. 

After an unbelievable 30 years as a band and countless live shows, it would have been easy to phone in their performance, but from where I was standing, they seemed to give it their all. Flea, in particular, did not disappoint, with his signature moves that visibly delighted the crowd. The band performed a full, 90-minute, 20-song set that included many of their hits, including "Dani California," "Soul to Squeeze," "Under The Bridge," "Californication," and a gut-busting rendition of "By the Way," that ended the regular set. 

They came back a few minutes later to do an extended jam, "Sir Psycho Sexy," the Robert Johnson cover "They're Red Hot," and the big finale, "Give It Away." 

"Support live music," implored Flea right before exiting the stage, and another fireworks display closed out the festival. "Go out and see it." It couldn't have been easy to mount the event, but all things considered, in the eyes of the music fans who expended energy and resources to get there and stand for hours just to watch artists perform onstage, the 7107 International Music Festival was musically an unequivocal success. –

Note: The writer of this review was invited by Smart as part of a press group to experience 7107. The review reflects his own experiences and opinions.

Paul John Caña is the managing editor of Lifestyle Asia magazine and is a live music geek. Email him at or follow him on Twitter @pauljohncana