Quezon City prosecutor junks Falcis' grave threats case vs Kris Aquino

MANILA, Philippines – The Quezon City Prosecutor's Office junked a grave threats case filed by brothers Nicko and Jesus Falcis against actress Kris Aquino. 

The actress posted on Instagram on Friday, April 26, a copy of the resolution, which was mailed to her. According to Divina Law, the firm that represents Kris, the prosecutor's office dismissed the case because it "found the allegation of the Falcis Brothers as incredible and contrary to human experience."

The Prosecutor's Office also noted that the brothers did not offer evidence outside of their allegations. 

The grave threats case is only one of several that the two parties have filed against each other. Kris has filed criminal cases against Nicko, her former manager, for supposedly misusing funds meant for her business. Kris has also filed a cyber libel case against Jesus. 

The Falcis brothers filed the grave threats case after accusing Kris of threatening Nicko's life. – Rappler.com