Rhian Ramos on shooting her first ever movie love scene

MANILA, Philippines – For the first time,Rhian Ramos agreed to do a love scene for a movie, and it's with hunky leading man Piolo Pascual in the movie Silong.

In an interview with reporters during a screening of the movie last Friday, August 7, Rhian explained why she finally agreed to it.

“So far it’s the only love scene I read that was necessary for a story and not really a marketing tool. It’s the only one I said yes to. In my past movie naman, they also had loves scenes, it's just that we had them removed because it was not necessary.But this was in the story and he’s really good looking, so why not?” Rhian said. 

“It was my first ever love scene and I’m happy it went to Piolo because he’s a veteran,” she added. 

Rhian on doing her first ever love scene and with Piolo. pic.twitter.com/599smfCssH — alexa villano (@alexavillano) August 9, 2015


Rhian said that she is happy to be given chance to work with Piolo since they are from different networks, saying she never thought she would be working with actors from ABS-CBN.

“He’s very kind and humble. So yeah definitely, there’s that thing that the leading ladies talk about,” she said. 

“That was also something that I was very excited about because when we shot this... I would never foresee working with anyone from the other network and kind of realized ‘oh yes we can do indie films.’  

"And ayun nga kasi sa GMA, I’ve worked with not naman almost everyone but a lot of the leading men. I never really had a love team… that I would work with every project. So just when I thought I’ve worked with pretty much everyone else I wanna work with, this project came and I already loved the script and I was like ‘who's in it?’ And [it's] Piolo Pascual. I’m like ‘what, seriously?’  I can do that, sure,” she laughed.

FIRST PROJECT WITH PIOLO. Rhian Ramos describes the leading man as a humble and kind guy. This is their first time as partners in the movie 'Silong.' Photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

FIRST PROJECT WITH PIOLO. Rhian Ramos describes the leading man as a humble and kind guy. This is their first time as partners in the movie 'Silong.

' Photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

In Silong, Rhian plays Valerie, a woman discovered by Miguel (Piolo), a doctor along the highway badly beaten. She takes comfort and protection from Miguel and they soon fall for each other, not knowing they are hiding dark secrets from each other.

Rhian said working on a romantic thriller was not easy.

"It’s so intense…it’s a genre that is so demanding. Parang ang dami kong kailangan gawin, " she said. (It's like you have to do so many things.)

On the end of 'The Rich Man’s Daughter'

Last Friday was also the final  episode of The Rich Man’s Daughter. Rhian said that will definitely miss being the show and especially working with her co-star Glaiza de Castro, who plays her love interest. 

“It’s so many things kasi that made the entire experience amazing. It’s Glaiza and how we worked together to establish a certain rapport and relationship with each other. It’s the fans that really shocked us all the time. Our director... It’s so much work that went into the show,” Rhian shared.

“I mean this is a show that started na first taping day pa lang naghahabol na kami (we were catching up) [filming episodes], so you know it was a very high stress situation and the fact that it turned out so well, so well received and that people were very kind about it and the fans were so energetic about it, it really vindicated all the hardships that we went through for this project.   

Rhian said why she will miss the show, she was glad to have pushed herself beyond her usual roles.

“I’m sad to see it go. I’m just happy that it happened cause what were the chances that we were going to have a lesbian show here in the Philippines anyway? Parang I’m just thankful that it happened and that we pulled it off and closed and that no one cut us off from TV. It’s a victory that’s ending this way.”

Aside from promoting Silong which will close the 2015 Cinemalaya Film Festival, Rhian is preparing to host her new show Full Throttle on the History channel with Sam YG. – Rappler.com