WATCH: Julia Montes fights for son's survival in '24/7' trailer

MANILA, Philippines – The first trailer for Julia Montes' upcoming teleserye 24/7 was released on Saturday, February 1.

In the trailer, panic escalates as a mysterious virus spreads. Julia, who plays a security guard is seen rushing her son who was infected with the virus.

In middle of the panic and people demanding for a cure, Julia's character stumbles upon the medicines that could heal those infected by the virus. But as she rushes to give the medicine, some people will get in her way to stop her mission. (LOOK: Photos of Julia Montes, cast of upcoming teleserye '24/7')

24/7 marks Julia's return to television after a long break.  She was last seen in the 2018 afternoon show Asintado.

Julia's management, Cornerstone, announced her return to showbiz in early January–