This is how long each episode of 'Game of Thrones' season 8 is going to be

MANILA, Philippines – After a long winter (almost two years), Game of Thrones has returned for its final season – and Filipino fans who were lucky enough to be free on a Monday morning have already seen the long-awaited premiere, which aired on HBO Asia at 9 am Manila time on April 15. (READ: How will 'Game of Thrones' end?: Your primer to the final season)

Reactions to the premiere are varied and are now causing debate among fans online and offline – but one thing that perhaps most fans can agree on is that the episode was so surprisingly…short. As many fans asked when the credits started to roll: "Is it really done?"

Yes, it really was.

The whole thing lasted about 50 minutes including the credits – which was unexpected considering the showrunners had earlier announced that each episode in the final season would be like mini-films that would run for over an hour. (READ: It's official. Arya is the Filipinos' favorite Stark (or is she?))

But apparently, HBO had confirmed the run times for each episode before season 8 even premiered. News sites including Vanity Fair and Forbes earlier reported that the first episode would only be 54 minutes long, including the credits.

So if you’ve seen the episode and got confused why the credits rolled too soon – you'll just have to accept that unfortunately, after a two-year wait, that's all the Thrones action you'll be getting – at least until next week. If you’re just about to see the episode, manage your expectations. It is frustrating – but for what it’s worth, future episodes will be much longer.

Here’s the list of each episode and their estimated run times, as confirmed by HBO to various news sites including Digital Spy. Prepare your schedules – and your expectations – accordingly:

The encore telecast of Game of Thrones episode 8 season 1 will air on HBO Asia at 10 pm. –