WATCH: Steve wants you to help Josh out in new 'Blue's Clues' clip

MANILA, Philippines – If you're still feeling a little iffy over the upcoming Blue's Clues remake, a new clip from the show might just ease your mind. 

In a two-minute video posted by Nick Jr, we meet Josh – Blue's latest buddy – who can seem to understand what the clue-seeking blue dog wants. So what do you do when you're clueless? Call two people who know Blue the best!

Josh turns to his handy dandy notebook – which now apparently is also a phone on the other side – and calls his cousins, OG Blue's Clues host Steve and Joe, to help him decode Blue. 

You're going to need to sit in your Thinking Chair for this news: Steve and Joe will be in the first episode of Blue's Clues & You! Check out this clip as they return to help Josh play his very first Blue's Clues — Nick Jr. (@nickjr) August 26, 2019

But it's the latter half of the conference call that's leaving older viewers – who are admittedly no longer part of the Blue's Clues market – a little nostalgic. "Hey, can I talk to my friend out there?" asks Steve, after they tell Josh a round of Blue's Clues is all Blue wants. 

Breaking the fourth wall, Steve says: "Hi! So will you help my cousin Josh? You will? Great. Because I can tell...he's gonna need a lot of help like I did." 

"Like I did!" Joe then chimes in. 

Blue's Clues, which first aired in 1996 and was hosted by Steve Burns, features the titular character, a blue dog named Blue who leaves clues for her friend – and the audience – to decode. At the end of the episode, her buddy sits down on the Thinking Chair and decodes – again, with the audience's help – the clues. 

When Burns left, he was replaced by Donovan Patton, who played Steve's brother Joe.

Blue's Clues was among Nickelodeon's longest-running Nick Jr series. It ended in 2006. 

Its latest version will be entitled Blue's Clues and You and will begin airing November 2019. It's going to be hosted by Filipino-American theater actor Joshua dela Cruz. –