What the 'Game of Thrones' showrunners had to say about Jaime in Season 8, Episode 5

MANILA, Philippines – When Jaime Lannister left Winterfell in Episode 4 of the last season of Game of Thrones, fans wondered: what exactly was he up to? 

In case you forgot, the "Kingslayer" had abruptly left for King's Landing by the end of the previous episode after he found out that his sister-slash-lover Cersei had rejected Daenerys' offer of surrender. This, of course, left Ser Brienne in tears and he trotted away on horseback. 

"The Bells" – the penultimate episode of the series – finally reveals what Jaime did and, according to the series' showrunners, who he really is. (WATCH: 'Game of Thrones' series finale trailer)


A lot of deaths and surprises and heartbreaks happened in "The Bells," but let's focus on Jaime's story arc.

He manages to make it to King's Landing but is intercepted by Dany's forces. He may not be as strong as he used to be, but that gold hand is pretty hard to miss. 

The night before the planned siege of King's Landing, Tyrion makes a gamble – he asks to speak to their prized captive. While inside the tent, sans any guards, Tyrion tells Jaime of a plan he's hatched to help his two older siblings escape King's Landing. There's a boat waiting by the Red Keep for Cersei and Jaime. Tyrion knows Cersei and her forces will lose, despite Dany's 3-dragon advantage being down to just one. 

Amid the crowds and stampedes, Jaime makes his way inside King's Landing. He sees the boat and... of course, Euron Greyjoy is there. The two battle it out and while Jaime manages to drive a sword through Euron, he's mortally wounded. Still, he makes his way to Cersei. 

At the crumbling Red Keep, a frazzled and broken Cersei is only coming to terms with her defeat when she sees a bloodied Jaime. The twins make it to the cellars of Red Keep, where dragon skulls are kept, to make their escape. 

Of course, there's no more escape. Rubble has blocked all the entrances. 

Panicking, Cersei tells Jaime she wants their child to survive and that she doesn't want to die... at least not this way. Jaime goes to her and tells her: "Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters, only us." 

The line, of course, is a callback to the many conversations he's had with Cersei and other characters in the past. Theirs is a relationship that's survived all the bloody seasons of Game of Thrones and outlived all of their 3 children. 

"Jaime, by the end of Episode 5, has come to terms with who he really is and he may not be happy with who he really is, but he knows he's not.... [He knows] what matters to him, and Cersei matters to him," said David Benioff in a post-episode featurette posted by HBO. 

Vanity Fair also has an explanation of how twins Cersei and Jaime's stories ended and how it subverts a prophecy Cersei had so tirelessly tried to prevent from coming true.  

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