8 things to know about Luke Mitchell of 'The Tomorrow People'

But the CW series The Tomorrow People shows a different side of having special abilities. The show presents its characters with superior abilities facing problems that people their age face on a day-to-day basis – all while trying to stay alive as they are hunted by an anti-telepath genetic cleansing organization.

Laced with quality special effects and a great looking cast, it's no wonder that the show already has a following in the US.

One of the actors of the show, Australian actor Luke Mitchell, also found himself in the bright Hollywood limelight after being cast on the show.

Rappler talks to Mitchell about how a huge change in his life brought him to acting and what's next for him and the show.

Here are 8 things to know about Mitchell:

1. He didn't plan on becoming an actor

Mitchell was all set to become a professional tennis player but at some point, he found himself wanting to do something else.

"Tennis is a big part of my life and I fairly enjoyed it. I just found myself working too hard and [there were] not enough results. Does that make sense?" Mitchell says. "I just kind of stopped and wanted to see what else was out there which I think is a right decision."

He, however, admits to miss playing sports and that he still tries to get out and play tennis every now and then.

2. His accent on the show (The Tomorrow People) is fake

Well of course, being Australian, Mitchell has to switch to an American accent every time they would film for the show. He admits that it's one of the challenges in acting in the US.

He says that his fight scenes in the show are also challenging as they are pretty intense. "It’s like learning to dance," he says "With all the timing and that sort of thing."

3. He relates to his character John Young

Mitchell, like his character John Young, is a family guy.

"I think that’s primarily what John’s about in looking after the people and his family. That’s what I’m about, looking after my family," Mitchell says.

However, Mitchell says John Young has more issues than him, making his character more complicated than him in real life.

4. If he could have only one of the three Ts...

In the show, some characters with superpowers develop abilities called the "three Ts" – telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis. 

Mitchell says if he can only have one of the three, he would pick teleportation as it would make a lot of things easier for him.

And the first place he would go to if only he can teleport? Australia. "I’d teleport to the Gold Coast, where my family is."

5. Among everybody in the cast of The Tomorrow People, he's closest to Aaron Yoo

Yoo plays Russell Kwon, John Young's (Mitchell's character) best friend on the show. Mitchell admits that their on-screen chemistry is not purely based on the show's plot. They're good friends in real life. 

Mitchell describes Yoo as a "funny guy" with whom he always shares good times.

When it comes to the show, Mitchell is really excited with how the new season will turn out, assuring that viewers will always be on the edge of their seats. "Well the show starts relatively slowly and then speeds up and then kind of spirals out of control by the end of the season. But in the middle, We also did [have] great relationships between some of the characters. Mostly notably, Cara and John and John and Astrid – complicated relationships."

6. His favorite superhero is Superman

Like any other kid, Mitchell dreamed of becoming a superhero too. And his favorite was the man of steel.

"Superman was the one I liked the most. Apparently, he could do anything unless someone had kryptonite."

7. He's a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis fan

When it comes to music, Mitchell says he listens to a lot of songs but it usually depends on his mood. 

His favorite artists are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – he likes all of their songs and thinks that the duo is pretty cool. 

8. Acting means constant education

Despite snagging a big role in a US television show, Mitchell remains grounded. He says that his career is constantly changing and evolving in tough industry and that there are different levels of actually "making it."

"I think you can take a step back and kind of look at what you’ve achieved and kind of give yourself a pat on the back," he says. "But then you can refocus and go 'okay, what’s next?' That’s the challenge – to stay motivated and keep moving. And absolutely, you don’t wanna get too complacent and be like 'Wow look at all these!' and then just be like 'Okay that’s good enough.'”

In the end, Mitchell says that all he wants is to keep at what his doing and to be able to try his hand at more movies.

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 The Tomorrow People airs Saturdays, 8pm on Jack TV