WATCH: Dr Phil counsels Manny Pacquiao on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

MANILA, Philippines – “Why do you feel compelled to fight Floyd Mayweather?"

Dr Phil posed this question to boxer Manny Pacquiao as seen in a short bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he tried to discern why Manny wanted to fight Floyd so bad. (WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel sings Manny Pacquiao’s song)

Manny thought about it first, but jokingly admitted, “Because I’m being paid millions and millions and millions of dollars!” (READ: Pacquiao to earn extra $2 million for fight shorts)

Dr Phil, however, said, "You know what, in that case, just go beat the sh*t out of him!" (WATCH: Manny Pacquiao and Jimmy Kimmel sing Manny's fight song)

It's all in good fun and the segment is part of the media buildup to the highly anticipated fight, which will happen on May 2 (May 3 in Manila). (READ: Pacquiao vs Mayweather to be televised by GMA, ABS-CBN and TV5)

At the start of the clip, Jimmy said that Manny Pacquiao’s popularity is incomparable to any other sports star he’s ever known, and joked that whenever Manny fights, the crime rate in the Philippines goes down to zero. 

He also wondered whether there was “one jerk” in the Philippines who was rooting for Manny’s competitor Floyd Mayweather. –