How to keep up like the Kardashians

MANILA, Philippines – Say what you will about the Kardashian-Jenner clan, those women know how to build an empire. Their social media followers number in the millions and their reality TV show – which has been on air for more than a decade – has churned out spin-off after spin-off. So what can we learn from their meteoric rise? A lot, it turns out.

Turn your scandal into an empire

It was Kylie Jenner who mentioned in the new spin-off Life Of Kylie that the reason her business empire was so successful is because she pays nothing for advertising. Nada. All she has to do, she says, is post it on Instagram or Snapchat, or Tweet about it – and like most of the Kardashian product lines, they sell out in an instant. Way to utilize your fame.

It was also acknowledged in Forbes magazine that the mobile app game of Kim Kardashian earned around $52.5 million from 2014-2015, which put her on No. 33 of Forbes’ “The World's Highest-Paid Entertainers” list. That said, Kim also pretty much dominates the social media scene – having 100 million followers has its advantages.

Just do it

In fact, the new fitness routines of the sisters is proof that even when you’ve had kids and your smack in the middle of your 30s, and the media loves to tear you down, an everyday workout (and probably a whole lot of laser) can do wonders to the body and the mind. No excuses, guys!

And lastly, keep your receipts!

It was a he said-she said battle in the media: Kanye said that Taylor knew all along about the lyrics because he gave her a call. Taylor’s camp denied the call ever happened. And in times like these, Kim did what she does best. GQ featured Kim on the cover later on, asking her about the feud, and Kim said not only did the calls really happen, but that she had the videotapes to prove it.

Then, after the release of the last episode of Season 12 of Keeping up With The Kardashians, Kim releases those videos on Snapchat.

Taytay said little to nothing afterwards. Everyone called her a snake. And now, with the release of her new album, she is trying to re-brand herself online too, using the very thing people attacked her of being as marketing tool for herself: a snake. It’s a very Kardashian move – to take negative publicity and spin it for their benefit – but not too sure if she’s just as talented as turning garbage into gold. Maybe she can seek a few tips from Kim. –