Filipina sisters make it to PH top tweets in 2019

MANILA, Philippines – 2019 was a good year for the Filipino Twittersphere – especially for the Rubia sisters.

On Tuesday, December 10, Twitter Philippines released a thread of the year’s top highlights on the social platform. A pair of Filipina sisters made it to this year’s top tweets.

Brianna Rubia’s tweet of her parents was 2019’s most-liked and most-retweeted post in the Philippines. She tweeted a video of her parents swooning and cheering as her sister Samantha sang “Part of Your World” from Disney’s A Little Mermaid.

When I said my parents were supportive, I wasn’t kidding — Brì (@rubiabrianna) January 13, 2019

Amused users replied to Brianna’s tweet, praising her parents for how supportive they were, and, of course, making memes out of the video.

All parents need to be like this. This kind of support instills so much confidence in a child, it’s amazing. — cherub (@galpalsalsa) January 14, 2019

filipino parents got no chill — sydney (@omgxsyn) January 14, 2019

She wasn’t playin. — All is Fair in Loving Whores (@freeziawh) January 14, 2019 — Mulan’s Boba Daddy (@MulanDaddy) January 14, 2019

when you starring at your man, drunk & in love. — Amanda Dolores (@MalaVidaaaaa) January 14, 2019

Dads like — Vick Damone Jr's fan account (@itsdamone) January 14, 2019

One of Samantha’s own tweets also went viral, and eventually became the most retweeted with comments for 2019. Her tweet shows her trying to win her crush over by pretending to have allergies and singing immediately after.

crush: I like a girl that can sing me: — Samantha Rubia (@sammirubia) October 28, 2019

Lots of other Twitter users were quick to make their own versions (and parodies) of Samantha’s tweet.

Natrigger pud among allergies ay —(@raiimerr) October 30, 2019

Allergies nga naman HAHAHAHA — Audrey Hyacinth (@MariePeig) October 30, 2019

Trip ko lang — (@em2_yabs) October 31, 2019

crush: i like smart girls me: omygod these allergies type 1 immediate hypersensitivity reaction by TH2 cells IgE Ab mast cells and leukocytes leading to vascular dilation bronchoconstriction edema inflammation mucus production & in severe cases anaphylactic shock cHAROT — Keren (@rekenerer) October 31, 2019

Sinusitis.mp4 — Paul Ramirez (@Aympaul) October 31, 2019

ha? — louisita (@zlrabejuela) October 30, 2019

What were your favorite Twitter moments in 2019? –

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