No, she's not dead: #RIPJKRowling trends over controversial new 'anti-trans' book

Harry Potter author JK Rowling – who is infamously known for her anti-transgender beliefs – is in hot water yet again on social media after it is revealed that her new book is about a man posing as a transgender woman to kill females.

Under her crime fiction pseudonym Robert Galbraith, Troubled Blood, the 5th book in the Galbraith mystery series, is about lead character Detective Cormoran Strike's newest case – a cisgender male who dresses as a woman to lure his female victims, eventually murdering them. According to the book's synopsis on Amazon, the character is described as a "psychopathic serial killer."

The hashtag #RIPJKRowling dominated Philippine Twitter a day before the release of the book, calling out Rowling yet again for her transphobia and joking that the Harry Potter series was actually ghost-written by other "unproblematic" celebrities.

The second book in the series, The Silkworm, was also criticized in the past for painting a transgender character as "aggressive and unstable."

In December 2019, Rowling, 55, first sparked outrage over her anti-transgender "absolutist" comments. She tweeted her support for a UK researcher who was fired for insisting that it was impossible to change one's sex.

In June 2020, the British author posted a series of anti-trans tweets, hitting back at those who think "biological sex isn’t real."

In August 2020, Rowling returned her Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope 2019 award after one of its members criticized her views on gender issues. –