This is how Anne Curtis does her makeup when she’s in a rush

Even with her busy schedule, Anne Curtis’ makeup is always on point. And while she may have access to some of the best makeup artists in the industry, sometimes the actress has to do it all on her own.

When she’s doing her own makeup, Anne keeps it simple, especially when she has only 5 minutes. “I have two different 5-minute routines, and I use this all the time when I’m late on Show Time,” Anne told Rappler at the first store opening of her makeup brand, blk Cosmetics (IN PHOTOS: Anne Curtis opens first blk Cosmetics store).

“It’ll either be mascara, and one bold lipstick – so it’ll be a dark red, or a bright bold color, face powder, done,” she said.

And if she’s not feeling the bold lip, she’ll focus on a flush.

“If I’m not into the bold colors, I’ll do the cheek tint…it’s so fast. Less than 5 minutes, you do your cheeks, you do your lips, you’re done,” she said.

When it comes to her choice colors for summer, Anne is currently digging a fresh peach or pink for the cheeks, and warm brown, gold, and bronze for the eyes.

Choosing her current lipstick shade picks wasn’t as easy for Anne, though she finally said, “Personally I’m into the orange lip at the moment and maybe like a rosy pink.”

Summer makeup tips

ROSY PINK. Anne's current lip colors of choice are pink and orange. Photo by Martin San Diego/Rappler

ROSY PINK. Anne's current lip colors of choice are pink and orange.

Photo by Martin San Diego/Rappler

For doing makeup in the summer heat, Anne recommends keeping the coverage light, and focusing on skin care.

“Of course sunscreen is a must if you’re under the sun,” she said. “Moisturize, hydrate, because when you do that, it’ll complement your skin, which will complement the makeup that you’re putting on your face.”

“No foundation, don’t bake any concealer or anything during summer. You just look fresher,” she added.

Anne recently launched her makeup brand’s summer collection, which is inspired by K-beauty. The collection includes easy-to-apply products such as creamy cheek paint, lip and cheek tint, liquid eyeshadow, and a BB cream stick (SNEAK PEEK: blk Cosmetics’ summer collection is all about K-beauty). –

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