Filipino designers show at Paris Fashion Week 2018

PARIS, France – A strong platform for Philippine fashion brands and designers is slowly creating an indelible mark in the consciousness of the global fashion market. 

Now on its third season, the Fashion Design Trade and Exhibit, Inc. (FDTEI), spearheaded by Carmina Sanchez Jacob and Robby Carmona, takes part  in Paris Fashion Week 2018 once more. Ongoing at the Pirnia Collections Showroom for Evening Wear at The Westin, Paris Vendome is a showcase of Filipino artistry. Designers like Rhett Eala and Rajo Laurel, as well as brands DeLustico by Dennis Lustico and Ivarluski by Ivar Aseron present their global collection for Spring/Summer 2018.

Ivar Aseron

DeLustico’s whimsical collection is a harmony of playful prints, eye-catchy hues, and intricate embellishments. Ivarluski redefined luxury with bold prints and volume in classic silhouettes. Rajo Laurel went for modern yet feminine looks. Rhett Eala created a tasteful collection of varying textures and prints that highlight a more timeless aesthetic.

Rajo Laurel
Rhett Eala


 Dennis Lustico's DeLUSTICO collection at the Fashion Design Trade and Exhibit S/S 2018

According to Jacob, "We've had really really good reception with sales steadily increasing even if it's just our third season." 

One of FDTEI’s core missions is to revolutionize the Philippine fashion industry. The company is constantly improving the standards of retail and wholesale distribution and licensing for local brands and designers globally. In its first years, the company has paved the way for Filipino designers and brands to establish new international markets, primarily in Middle Eastern countries. –

Models: Fanely Porte for Ivarluski and Rajo Laurel and Linda Gunstmann for DeLustico and Rhett Eala 

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