Patrick Starrr's trick to make your makeup last through hot summer days


MANILA, Philippines – Summer is here! Seemingly overnight, the weather changed from chilly to sweltering hot, and with the rise in temperatures comes dreams of the beach, chilling poolside, and exciting adventures.

The downside? Having your makeup slipping and sliding off your sweaty face.

Of course, you could do any of these activities sans makeup and have tons of fun at that. But when the Philippine summer heat melts off your makeup during your morning commute – on the day you have an important meeting, and drinks with friends after work – then it becomes a problem.

Fortunately, the makeup gods have blessed us with Filipino-American makeup artist Patrick Starrr, who gave us the best tip on how to keep our faces beat all day long.

When he spoke to Rappler and a few other members of the press in February, Patrick was in Manila to promote his first collection with MAC Cosmetics. He also took the time to see the sights and visit family. (READ: Patrick Starrr on gaining confidence through identity, Mama Starrr's best advice)

To keep his makeup on through all of that, Patrick told us that he uses his powder, Patrick's Powder, which he developed with MAC Cosmetics.

It's a "unicorn," he said, because he asked for the ultimate powder – translucent, wearable for every skin tone and texture, and durable.

"I wanted it to work for my mom, I wanted it to work for my gays," he said, on the powder's universality. (LOOK: MAC x Patrick Starrr will glam up your basic makeup kit)

It's no surprise that Patrick mentioned powder, which he slaps all over his face in his videos. But the real secret is sandwiching your setting spray between your powder to lock it all down. 

"The trick is to spray the powder, because I know a lot of people are scared – 'Oh my God, that's going to make my skin so dry!' – but the combination of sandwiching powder, and then spray, and then powder, and then [using a] puff to push it all in, you're melding the products together, and you're beating a face," said Patrick.

It may sound like a lot, but the trick works like a charm and is perfect for lasting through day-long events and making it to post-dinner drinks.

Have you tried this method? What's your best method for keeping your makeup on all day? Sound off in the comments below! –

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