[WATCH] Surviving the Shift: The challenges in grade school going online

In our 4-part roundtable series, Surviving the Shift, we dive deep into the ins and outs of online distance learning.

Each episode, we focus on a specific stage of education.  Last week, we explored how nurseries' and pre-schools' journey into digital transformation. This time around, for our second episode, we discuss primary education.

Join our host Michelle Aventajado, an educator and the executive director of Best Buddies Philippines, as she tackles questions such as: How do you cultivate an ideal learning environment inside the home? What are the ways to protect children from the threats of the digital world (e.g., cyberbullying, zoom-bombing, phishing)? And, when the kids start asking, how do you explain what's happening to the world around them?

 Joining Michelle are the following panelists:

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