Bong Nebrija takes over as MMDA head of traffic

MANILA, Philippines – Bong Nebrija is the face on social media of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) strict enforcement of the rules. As chief of the MMDA Task Force for Special Operations, he has been a staple on videos on traffic altercations with the agency.

MMDA Task Force Special Operations' main role is to clear roads of obstructions. Nebrija has earned the distinction of being a stickler for discipline, with numerous viral videos showing him patiently arguing with traffic violators.

On the plus side, many netizens applaud his strict enforcement of the law.

His virtues will be put to test in his new role for the agency. He is now the MMDA EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue) traffic chief.

Nebrija will replace the retiring Rodolfo Calpito as chief traffic inspector starting Monday, December 10. 

During a press briefing on Monday, December 3, Nebrija vowed to prioritize the longtime bus problem along EDSA, saying he will bring back the discipline.


"We need to address whole caboodle of problems along EDSA. To do this, we need the cooperation of road users – pedestrians, drivers, private motorists. There should be full enforcement of the law,” he said.

Already, Nebrija has pictured in his mind how he will tackle the gargantuan problem that is the daily Edsa gridlock. Foremost, he said was no-nonsense implementation of traffic rules on passenger buses – these include the bus segregation scheme, loading and unloading rules, yellow lane, and closed door policies.

He also wants to intensify the task he's been zealously enforcing these past months – clear sidewalks, remove vendors on footbridges and and take out obstructions in the vicinity of bus terminals.

He said: “There will be a high visibility of enforcers, IACT (Inter-Agency Council for Traffic) and HPG (Highway Patrol Group) on EDSA.” 

MMDA General Manager Jose Arturo Garcia, said he was confident Nebrija would deliver.

Garcia said: "Starting Monday (December 10), Mr. Bong Nebrija will have a new big role - managing traffic along EDSA. Bong is a big loss to the task force but we need the kind of personality that he has on how to discipline road users and inspire traffic enforcers along EDSA.” –