'We only want real justice for Fr Richmond Nilo'

MANILA, Philippines – Diocese of Cabanatuan Vicar General Noel Jetajobe said they only want “real justice” for slain priest Richmond Nilo

This comes after the family of the suspect in the killing, Adell Milan, said that the Philippine National Police got the wrong guy.

Nilo was shot to death on Sunday, June 10, by gunmen on a motorcycle while preparing for an evening Mass in a small chapel in Barangay Mayamot, Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija. 

Four days later, Adell Milan was arrested by the PNP for supposedly being the primary suspect in the killing of the priest. 

Milan’s 78-year-old grandmother claims that her grandson is innocent, and has nothing to do with the crime. Milan’s friends also vouched for him, saying they were with him when the priest was killed.

Meanwhile, Vicar General Jetajobe said the police acted on the basis of the testimony of the witness who identified the suspect.

“Several times I told the witness that there's no pressure on him to identify the culprit and never to point at any person if he is not sure or even with an iota of doubt,” Jetajobe said in a text message to Rappler.

“We also reiterated with the PNP that we want real justice for Fr Richmond. And we don't want this case to succeed or fail based on the testimony of only one witness.”

Jetajobe added that they were assured by the PNP that there were other witnesses. Albayalde earlier said that an altar boy specifically pointed to Milan as the prime suspect in the killing. 

“It will be a double injustice if we send the wrong guy to jail and fail to get the guilty ones. Even Fr Richmond himself will not be happy with that,” Jetajobe added. – Rappler.com