LIST: Countries offering sympathy, aid after Vinta in PH

MANILA, Philippines – As Filipinos recover from Typhoon Vinta (Tembin), countries around the world have assured their help for the Philippines.

Vinta took away much from the country during the season of giving: 240 dead, at least 60,000 forced to flee their homes, and millions of pesos lost in crops and infrastructure — all in the days leading to Christmas.

Most of these losses happened in the southern island group of Mindanao.

Rappler is compiling a list of countries that have sent messages of sympathy or assistance for the Philippines: 

European Union

Despite the Philippines declaring that it will no longer accept aid "with conditions" from Europe, the European Union assured the Philippines on December 24 that they are "ready to help."

"The EU is [a] longstanding friend of the Philippine people and stands ready to assist during this difficult time: by humanitarian assistance or by use of our development funds, that can help to create an even more resilient country," the EU said in a statement. 


On Christmas Day, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that they are willing to help the country by giving "provision of emergency relief goods to the maximum extent possible."

Abe added that they understand the Philippines' plight, as vicious storms also frequent Japan.

"Japan stands with the Philippines in overcoming this time of difficulties," Abe said in a statement.


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on December 26 that China extends its sympathy for Filipinos.

"I would like to hereby extend my heartfelt sympathy to your honorable on the tragic disaster," he said in a statement, adding that the country will eventually "overcome the disaster and restore their normal livelihoods." 

We will update this story as more statements come in. –