Duterte bares P1-B donation to Philippine government

ISABELA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte said on Saturday, September 17, that the Philippine government has received a P1-billion ($20.9 million) donation from an individual who wants to remain anonymous.

Duterte mentioned the donation when he addressed the 5th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army in Gamu, Isabela. He said he will use part of the amount to build field hospitals for the military. 

"And 'yung mga field hospitals ninyo. I'd like to mention it to you now for the first time. Somebody is giving us one billion, to 'yung sa mga….Davao meron doon hospital. We will complete it so that kung maari lang, ipauna ko 'yung sa Jolo. Doon ko ilagay 'yung hospital na mga operating room, lahat na ng kailangan," the President said.

(And for your field hospitals, I'd like to mention it now for the first time. Someone is giving us P1 billion. These are...We have hospitals like this in Davao. We will complete it so that if possible, we will prioritize the hospital for Jolo. I will place a hospital there with operating rooms and complete facilities.)

Duterte did not name the donor saying, "he does not want me to mention his name." He did not discount the possibility that the person's identity would be "leaked out" later on.

The President said he will use part of the donation to build a drug rehabilitation center in Cebu.

Well-equipped military

Duterte reiterated his assurance to the military that its forces will get enough equipment in fighting terrorists in the country.

"What I can assure you is, for as long as I'm President, you will have all equipment and weaponry necessary to win the war or at least to defeat them in every fight," Duterte said.

Duterte also reminded them not to allow the country to "disintegrate" amid the drug and terrorism problems in the country.

"I am just saying that the ultimate warriors in the Constitution to protect the people is the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)....Just do what is the mandate of the Constitution and I will take care of you," Duterte said.