On Grace Poe: A common adversary

Grace’s love for the Filipino is unquestionable, I reckon that. But she must take stock of reality. Popularity should not be allowed to transcend good judgment. At best, it’s a fleeting phenomenon not because she is a Llamanzares but because she is a Poe. 

Exactly the same manner as PNoy is to Cory, but without the premium of a screen name tag. The humble Cory was thrust to the presidency due to the exigencies of the times. There’s no such thing happening now, so why should Grace drive the bus?  

Power of social media

Let’s face it, screen personalities turn to politics because of the dearth of movies to make. And the culture of going gaga over celebrities is fast becoming a thing of the past. In the fight against corruption, social media stood up by spreading the news fast enough to expose not only screen icons doubling as honorable senators, but former mayors as well.  Indeed, it has become a valuable tool in transforming the ill informed into conscientious voters. The effect was devastating, just ask that candidate from Makati.

Hitching with the VP is like kissing politics goodbye. Collateral damage is always there; ready to pounce on mistaken beliefs. Politicians who declined an invitation to run with the VP only knew too well. They were smart enough to distance themselves from the alleged corruption, dodging political fallout in the process. Indeed there’s truism in that adage, “in politics perception is reality.”

Chatters in social media molded a different political landscape. It raised the bar of winnability to a higher level.  At this time, though, netizens should focus on the Ombudsman and urge her to file plunder charges as soon as possible. An online petition requesting the Office of the Ombudsman to prioritize this year-old complaint will do the job. 

Only then will needless bickering be put into rest. And only then will a candidate be so damaged as to be written off. Besides, didn’t the Ombudsman say there’s a strong evidence of guilt, so what’s taking her so long?  

When Mr David filed a disqualification case questioning Poe’s eligibility, she said a familiar spin...a demolition job, the same line used by the VP. It has become a broken record so conveniently used where there’s a semblance of truth. The clouds of doubt need to be resolved immediately, lest they linger till the coming elections.

In the meantime, Grace stays in the news. Indecision is taking its toll.  Was this by design? Rappler.com 

Cesar F. Crisostomo retired from work after 35 years. His first job was as an accounts receivable clerk and was a corporate comptroller. He was also a trial lawyer for two years in the Philippines until he moved to Carson, California. He occasionally gives legal advice to his kababayans, although accounting is the meat of his practice.