Lani Cayetano wins by a landslide in Taguig

MANILA, Philippines - With poll results in 354 out of the total 377 clusters already processed, the Taguig Board of Canvassers provisionally proclaimed re-electionist Lani Cayetano mayor before 2 am Wednesday, May 15.

As of posting, the wife of Sen Alan Peter Cayetano, had earned 122,824 votes or 62.4% of the total vote. Her opponent Rica Tinga, the 31-year-old daughter of retired Supreme Court Justice Dante Tinga garnered only 74,009 votes or 37.6%.

When the announcement was made, 93.89% of the vote had been tallied, with Cayetano already leading by 48,815 votes.

The 23 clusters that have yet to be canvassed have 22,003 registered voters, meaning that even if all of them vote against Cayetano, she would still win the mayoral race, explained her counsel Alfred Jacinto.

Tinga earlier said she might challenge the results with the Commission on Elections. In a press release sent out on May 14, before the tally of votes was finished, her camp claimed there was “massive cheating, the worst of which is the use of pre-shaded ballots that favored Mayor Lani Cayetano and her whole ticket.”

During the proclamation, however, Tinga’s counsel Benedict Litonjua did not object to proclaiming Cayetano “without prejudice to the 100% threshold set by Comelec.”

Not only did Lani win, her brother-in-law, barangay chairman Lino Cayetano, was also provisionally proclaimed as representative of the 2nd congressional district. At the same time, her running mate Ading Cruz was provisionally declared vice mayor.

The Cayetano-Tinga face-off was the only mayoral race in the National Capital Region where both candidates were female. Both women belong to families deeply entrenched in local politics. The Tingas and the Cayetanos have a rivalry running back nearly 30 years. – with Katherine Visconti/