Social media on Leni Robredo's win: 'The best woman won'

MANILA, Philippines – On the day of her late husband's birthday, Liberal Party bet Leni Robredo led in the official canvass of the highly-contested vice presidential race. 

After 3 days, Congress finished the canvassing of votes for president and vice president a little past 7:00 pm Friday, May 27. Out of 167 certificates canvassed, Robredo got 14,418,817 votes. Her rival Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr got 14,155,344 votes.

Her supporters took to social media to congratulate Robredo, who is now just waiting to be proclaimed as the new vice president of the Philippines. 

#VPLeni. Leni Robredo trends number one in the Philippines after officially winning the vice presidential race.

#VPLeni. Leni Robredo trends number one in the Philippines after officially winning the vice presidential race.

Move over Daenerys Stormborn Targaryan, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons. Leni Robredo is the new Khaleesi. — Modern Filipinas (@feministph) April 17, 2016 #VPLeni After polls closed on May 9, another hashtag for Leni – #LabanLeni (fight Leni) – started to trend worldwide as her supporters waited to see if she would catch up with Marcos' numbers in the unofficial, partial results. At 3:29 am of May 10 – the morning after elections, she did. Some netizens also couldn't help but notice how history seemed to have repeated itself. Cory Aquino, the yellow-wearing widow of the late Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr, became president after the 1986 People Power Revolution ousted late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos from Malacañang Palace. 30 years later, Leni – also a yellow-wearing widow – triumphed over another Marcos. History repeats itself! Congrats Leni! #VPLeni — rich (@xmownd) May 27, 2016 Literally...history repeats itself another widow in yellow defeated one Marcos again :facepunch::facepunch: #VPLeni — Hope (@ruzzanneviceral) May 27, 2016 Robredo had repeatedly mentioned in interviews that she ran for vice president only after her 3 daughters gave their nods. Aika, Tricia, and Jillian were visible in their mother's campaign. #VPLeni :reminder_ribbon: — Aika Robredo (@aikarobredo) May 27, 2016 Happy birthday, Papa :yellow_heart: #VPLeni — Tricia Robredo (@jpgrobredo) May 27, 2016 The best woman won. Maraming salamat sa 14, 418, 847 bumoto at nagtiwala kay Mama. Napakagandang regalo para sa birthday ni Papa.:yellow_heart::yellow_heart: #VPLeni — Jillian Robredo (@jillrobredo) href="">May 27, 2016 Robredo's win coincided with the birthday of her late husband, former Local Government secretary Jesse Robredo. Her second daughter Tricia Robredo posted a wacky photo with her beloved dad. To my favorite one, happy birthday. :yellow_heart: — Tricia Robredo (@jpgrobredo) May 27, 2016