#RapplerDebate: The social media campaign trail

MANILA, Philippines – In the 2013 Philippine mid-term elections, candidates for national and local posts are making their presence felt online. The battle is not just for the votes at the polls but also for the size of their digital following.

More than that, though, social media accounts are being used by candidates' camps to engage users over platforms and agenda. The conversations become a democratized mechanism for both suggestions and constructive criticism.

But how exactly are candidates maximizing social media as a campaign platform? On April 13, Saturday, we will learn that from those managing the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the senatorial candidates who are joining the #RapplerDebate.

Rappler social media producers Bea Cupin and Jyle Sulit will hold a Hangout with:

Why should candidates and their teams care about social media? How do you bring campaigns and sorties from the ground to social media? We’ll also get them to talk about the challenges they have faced as community managers.  

We’ll go live at 5:00 pm (Philippine time), followed by the #RapplerDebate at 7:00 pm.

Watch the hangout below:

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