UPLB students to Duterte: Give us direct answers

Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte attended a transparency forum at the University of the Philippines' Los Baños campus on Friday, March 11 and drew mixed reactions from his audience.

Supporters flocked to the Davao City mayor, but students reacted differently.

Pia Ranada reports.


PIA RANADA, REPORTING: For Rody Duterte, it’s another day of converting voters to believers.

He attends a governance and transparency forum in University of the Philippines Los Baños.

Unlike campaign sorties, not all members of the audience are die-hard Duterte fans.

In fact, 18-year-old Steph Pablo is voting for Miriam Defensor Santiago.

She has reasons for not liking Duterte.

This is the same forum where Jejomar Binay was roasted by UPLB students.

How will Duterte fare?

Students mob Duterte as he enters the venue.

His speech is studded with curse words and forceful declarations on his platform.

He’s good at making the audience laugh.

But during the question and answer portion, his responses are long and winding as one student points out.

The lack of time cuts the question and answer portion short to the student’s dismay.

So are the students convinced?

With the limited days left to the campaign season, Duterte needs to get his point across before time runs out.