VLOG: SET rules Grace Poe is natural-born Filipino

MANILA, Philippines – In its final decision on Thursday, December 3, the Senate Electoral Tribunal rules in favor of Grace Poe on the petition seeking to disqualify her as senator of the Philippines.

The 9 members of the tribunal on Thursday still votes the same way they did in the first verdict: 5 senators in favor of Poe, while Senator Nancy Binay and Supreme Court justices Antonio Carpio, Teresita Leonardo-de Castro, and Arturo Brion vote to disqualify her. 

Poe says her fight is for those who elected her into office in the 2013 elections, and those who want her to serve as their president. But her accuser, Rizalito David, vows to bring the legal battle to the Supreme Court. 

Jee Geronimo files this VLOG. – Rappler.com