Freed Aussie hostage moving on

BETTER. Warren Rodwell says he u201cpulled up pretty wellu201d since he was released by Abu Sayaff earlier this year. Screenshot from

BETTER. Warren Rodwell says he u201cpulled up pretty wellu201d since he was released by Abu Sayaff earlier this year. Screenshot from



MANILA, Philippines - Freed Australian hostage Warren Rodwell has been recovering well after being released by Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) earlier this year.

In an interview with, Rodwell disclosed that he “pulled up pretty well” since he was shot in the hand and abducted by the terrorist group in Zamboanga 18 months ago.

"At the moment I’m still alive and, all things considered, I’m quite functional," Rodwell said. 

The ASG released Rodwell on March 23, 2012, 15 months after he was kidnapped. It was reported that the militants were paid US$97,750 in ransom, a negotiator said.

Rodwell recalled how the “main part of his suffering was the hunger” but he said he’s back with his original weight. 

"I'm back to my original weight now so I’ve put on about 30kg. In fact I’m getting a bit chubby," he said.

Rodwell said that he also suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) while he was in captivity and explained he started his healing by “analyzing the situations a lot.”

Rodwell said he sought help from a private psychologist and has been “pulled up pretty well.”

“Everything is good. I don’t have nightmares,” Rodwell explained adding he doesn’t need to see the psychologist for another 3 months.


Rodwell also disclosed in the interview how he survived the 15-month captivity with Abu Sayaff.

“At the beginning all I had was a pair of shorts but I acquired and stole some clothes. I’d use whatever I could. One sleeping bag was broken so I tore that and wrapped that around me,” Rodwell recalled.

Rodwell explained his biggest problem was mosquitos. “In the jungle swamps we’d be attacked quite ferociously,” he said.

But Rodwell said his captors had a “pretty good-hearted soul.” He said the reason why he was treated badly was because “they [Abu Sayaff] don’t know how to look after themselves.”

“Being Muslims they’re not restricted by the 10 commandments. They just see it as anyone who’s foreign as having a market,” he said.

Rodwell added he was able to “bond with his guards” that he’d “recognize the behaviors in them.”

“The married guy would be in tears because he’d miss his family. A couple of them went crazy,” he said.

Ready for new love

Rodwell also disclosed to that he already filed for a divorce from his Filipina wife, Miraflor Gutang in June.

"All the investigation is clear because I'm so innocent. I'm not guilty, never. I could not do that to anyone,'' Gutang told

Gutang said she was surprised when Rodwell called her and said he already filled for divorce.

"I'm so sad because I wanted to stay with him. Of course I love him still in my heart but our behavior is not compatible,'' Gutang said. 

Gutang was Rodwell third wife. He said he is “ready for his fourth marriage.”

“I’ve got room to fit another marriage in in my life. I’m thinking Caucasian," Rodwell said. –