WATCH: How green can Boracay get?

AKLAN, Philippines – A once pristine tourist destination hailed for its powdery-fine, white sand beaches, the shores of Boracay are now covered in green.

It's teeming with green algae, an indicator of high water pollution.

The lack of sewerage treatment plants triggered the increase of water pollution to extreme levels, especially during summer months because of the large number of people that flock to the world-famous island resort.

Despite its deteriorating water quality, Boracay has topped international lists on best summer destinations. Tourists do not seem to be bothered by the algae-tinged waters. (WATCH: Tribal performers thank Boracay for 'good life')

But it's also the reason why President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the island to be closed for 6-months, calling it a "cesspool" because of its environmental problems.–