2 Ifugao cops killed after finger wrestling quarrel

BAGUIO, Philippines –  In Ifugao, they have a traditional game called tulhi, which is a form of finger wrestling. 

If you think that the only danger you can get from it is a couple of broken fingers, you are very wrong. 

Two police officers belonging to the Regional Mobile Force Battalion were killed after a game of tulhi Sunday morning, September 29, in Barangay Viewpoint, Banaue, Ifugao. 

Police Corporal Paul Cungihan Badangayon, 28, from Hingyon, Ifugao, allegedly shot dead the following:

The 3 were playing tulhi when Badangayon's finger was dislocated and called it quits. He also reportedly cursed the two. 

Ngina followed Badangayon to their service quarter and punched the corporal. 

Badangayon drew his service revolver and repeatedly shot Ngina. Also hit was Wan-aten who was trying to pacify the two. 

The two were brought to the hospital, but both were declared dead.

Badangayon was arrested. – Rappler.com