IN PHOTOS: First glimpse of Benham Rise

MANILA, Philippines – Scientists' two-week expedition to Benham Rise in May gave the world a first glimpse of the shallowest portion of the newest part of the Philippines.

This portion, Benham Bank, is 50 meters deep. The depth of the main plateau is 3,000 meters.

It offers a good starting point, however, for researchers to look into an area potentially rich in marine resources and even natural gas. (READ: Filipinos conquer new territory: Benham Rise)

Members of the Department of Science and Technology's Benham Rise Program shared the following videos and photos with Rappler.

Check out the following photos courtesy of Dr Gil Jacinto of the University of the Philippines (UP) Marine Science Institute and Dr Hildie Nacorda of the UP Los Baños School of Environmental Science and Management (UPLB-SESAM):

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Watch the following video, too, courtesy of UPLB-SESAM's Nacorda:

Despite this expedition, most of Benham Rise remains unexplored.

It is believed to contain steel-producing minerals and natural gas, which the Philippines can export. –