Rappler Talk: Abdullah Dimaporo on expectations for the BOL Plebiscite in Lanao del Norte

LANAO DEL NORTE, Philippines – On the eve of the second voting day in the Bangsamoro plebiscite, Rappler talks to Lanao del Norte 2nd District Representative Abdullah Dimaporo on the expectations he has for the historic vote in the province.

The Dimaporo clan has openly opposed the inclusion of 6 municipalities in Lanao del Norte, saying the loss in territory will weaken the province.

Campaigning hard for the province’s exclusion in the new Bangsamoro region, Dimaporo argues benefits of peace and progress that the Bangsamoro law offers can already be observed by residents.

He also explains the challenges of a “yes” to inclusion vote if majority of residents vote to include key areas in the Bangsamoro region. – Rappler.com