Rappler Talk: Dr Antonio Ramos on how Lung Center is fighting the pandemic

MANILA, Philippines – The Lung Center of the Philippines is one of the country’s referral hospitals for coronavirus disease patients. 

This required the hospital personnel to repurpose specific areas within the Lung Center to exclusively cater to COVID-19 patients. All medical professionals looking after COVID-19 cases had to be provided with sufficient personal protective equipment and surgical masks.

The past weeks have been a challenge for the hospital, especially when they have to make sure non-COVID-19 patients are still taken care of.

The Lung Center is also home to one of the 17 laboratories capable of testing COVID-19 samples. Like other testing centers, the Lung Center is also dealing with a backlog of tests and a lack of test kits.

Rappler’s Mara Cepeda sits down with Dr Antonio Ramos, Department Manager for Administrative Services, to discuss how the Lung Center been coping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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