Rappler Talk: Francis Zamora's first 100 days as San Juan mayor

MANILA, Philippines – He is one of Metro Manila's new mayors who toppled dynasties. In San Juan, Francis Zamora's rise meant the fall of former allies – the Ejercito-Estrada clan that had ruled the city for almost 50 years.

Though not a new face in San Juan politics – Zamora was vice mayor from 2010 to 2016 – he ran his 2019 campaign on the promise of a new style of governance and a new political culture in Metro Manila's smallest city.

Zamora wants to make San Juan a smart city, offering San Juaneños in all 21 barangays free Wi-Fi in public areas. He also plans to establish high-rise in-city housing for hundreds of poor families, as well as launch more partnerships with hospitals and provide affordable health care for the people of San Juan.

Rappler's Janella Paris sits down with Mayor Zamora on Monday, October 7, on the eve of his first 100 days, to ask him how the past few months have been, and what San Juaneños can expect in the coming years. – Rappler.com