Rappler Talk: Metro Manila's impending transportation crisis after lockdown

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Once the enhanced community quarantine or lockdown in Metro Manila is lifted, mass transportation will resume but only in a limited capacity.

Based on the guidelines, all land-based public utility vehicles (PUVs) will be at 50% capacity, while train services will be at 14% capacity, or roughly 153 passengers per 3-car train set of the Metro Rail Transit Line 3.

Transportation officials estimated that only 30% of Metro Manila commuters pre-lockdown will be back to work and will be using public transportation once the lockdown is lifted.

But the availability of PUVs during the more relaxed general community quarantine is still questionable, as transport operators deem that a 50% operational capacity is not financially viable.

To discuss the impending transportation crisis, Rappler reporter Aika Rey talks to public transport expert and advocate Robert Siy Jr. Siy had previously served in the Asian Development Bank and as a consultant for the Department of Transportation.

Siy is now with the Move as One coalition, a group of transportation experts and advocates.

Catch the Rappler Talk interview on Tuesday, May 12 at 3 pm. – Rappler.com