Rappler Talk with Korina Sanchez: 'We are at a crossroads'

MANILA, Philippines - Veteran broadcast journalist and Rated K Anchor Korina Sanchez talks about her thoughts on the ABS-CBN shutdown and its repercussions for the Philippine media industry. 

"I'm not really surprised, I'm not in disbelief," she says. "And that's a sad, sad thing." 

Sanchez recalls her experience working as a young journalist in the late 1980s, when democracy and freedom of the press had just been restored, and compares it to the current environment for media and journalism. "I don't want to be pointing fingers... but the landscape today to me is just unrecognizable," she says. "It's so, so far from those days, when we can go on air and tell the President exactly what we thought of him or her at that time."

According to Sanchez, the country and the media are at a crossroads, where the future will depend largely on how the people – including journalists – respond to current events.

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