Labor group pushes 25% hazard pay for workers amid Taal unrest


MANILA, Philippines – Labor group Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) on Saturday, January 18, urged employers to provide a minimum of 25% hazard pay for employees working within the danger zone amid the Taal Volcano unrest. 

The employees include those working in banks, hotels, and restaurants, and other similar establishments in Tagaytay City; and members of the media covering the unfolding events since January 12.  

In a statement, TUCP President Raymond Mendoza said that the “extraordinary dangerous situations and the exposure to risk to the elements” of the Taal Volcano eruption were enough basis for workers to get hazardous duty pay, be they regular or contractual employees.

TUCP estimates that there are 2,000 employees working in the service industry in Tagaytay City alone. 

TUCP spokesperson Alan Tanjusay said that “employees can directly approach and request their employers to provide them with hazard pay” as no legal document provides for automatic entitlement, except for some government employees.  

Taal Volcano is on Alert 4 as of Saturday, January 18, which means a hazardous eruption could still occur "within hours to days." (READ: Taal Volcano's 2020 eruption: What we know so far)

A "total evacuation" of Taal Volcano Island has been ordered, together with high-risk areas within a 14-kilometer radius from the main crater of the volcano."  –