WATCH: What Boracay looks like after it was closed down

AKLAN, Philippines – Just yesterday, the white shores of Boracay was full of tourists. Now that it is officially closed to the public, Boracay is almost empty.

While non-residents who are currently inside the island are not forced to leave, tourists are no longer allowed to visit Boracay while the 6-month rehabilitation works are ongoing.

This led to some businesses closing down during the period as well. (READ: Businesses brace for Boracay closure)

The once pristine destination hailed for its white sand beach has become a "cesspool", President Rodrigo Duterte said earlier, because of environmental problems. (WATCH: The last few minutes before Boracay is closed)

This led to the President's order to close down the top tourist destination for at least 6 months.

Despite the increasing levels of water pollution, about two million tourists travelled to Western Visayas in 2017 to enjoy the famous white sand beach. (READ: Boracay: From pristine island to fragile paradise)–