Malacañang says Marcos, Enrile can't twist Martial Law history

MANILA, Philippines – Former senators Ferdinand Marcos Jr and Juan Ponce Enrile cannot twist the history of Martial Law because court decisions as well as a law have been clear about it, Malacañang said on Monday, September 24.

"I don't think they can twist history when there's a law and when there are court decisions attesting to what happened during Martial Law," said Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque in a media briefing.

Roque noted that a couple of weeks back, Malacañang even hosted members of the compensation board for Martial Law victims. 

"So the position of the Palace is, we are implementing the law, and the law says there should be reparations paid to victims of Martial Law," he said. 

Roque made these remarks after he was asked about Enrile's remarks in a recent sit-down interview with Marcos, where he made false claims about Martial Law. (READ: Martial Law, the dark chapter in Philippine history)

Enrile, the architect and implementor of Martial Law, falsely claimed in his recent interview with Marcos: "Name me one person that was arrested because of political or religious belief during that period. None. Name me one person who was arrested simply because he criticized Marcos. None."  

Roque said in reaction on Monday, "That's his belief, he's entitled to it." 

"But as far as the Palace is concerned, there are decisions affirming that there were grave human rights violations committed during the Marcos regime. There's even a law in Congress which provides for compensation for victims of Martial Law," Roque added.

More or less 70,000 people were imprisoned, 34,000 were tortured, while 3,240 were killed during the Martial Law years, according to Amnesty International. The Marcoses also stole $5 billion to $10 billion in public funds, according to various estimates.

Duterte, an admirer of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, earlier praised Marcos' Martial Law as "very good." He also wants the dictator's son and namesake to succeed him as president. –

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