Cargo ship capsizes off Cebu, 12 crew members rescued

MANILA, Philippines – A ship carrying oil capsized off the coast of San Fernando, Cebu, on Tuesday afternoon, June 25.

According to a report from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Central Visayas, MV Eva Mary Grace was near the SEDC Port in San Fernando, Cebu, when it capsized with 12 crew members on board.

PCG Spokesperson Central Visayas Lt. Michael John Encina said that one person was injured during the accident. 

"The crane was lifting the last batch of cement in bags then a swell hit the ship causing it to list to port, causing the boat to capsize," Encina told Rappler in a text message.

The crane operator Manuel Encarnacion sustained minor injuries and was rushed to the hospital shortly after the accident.

According to Encina, 12,000 liters of automotive diesel spilled during the capsizing, but could "easily dissipate with wave action and sunlight."

"The Coast Guard Central Visayas will immediately conduct the marine casualty investigation (MCI)," he added.

The MCI is composed of the station commander of PCG Cebu, Commander Maritime Safety Service Unit, the marine environmental protection unit, and the PCG’s legal unit.

All crew members and their captain are currently receiving medical treatment. – Ryan Macasero/