Ormoc City sets travel restrictions due to coronavirus

MANILA, Philippines – Ormoc City in Leyte joins the list of local governments that have set travel restrictions in response to the coronavirus outbreak in the Philippines.

On Sunday, March 15, Ormoc Mayor Richard Gomez signed Executive Order No. 23 that regulates the entry of people into the city through land or sea.

The EO will take effect starting 6 pm on Sunday, until 12 midnight of March 31, "subject to continuing evaluation and assessment." 

The EO bans entry of people into Ormoc except the following:

Those passing through checkpoints should show proof or certification of residence, employment, school identification, or business/economic activity inside Ormoc.

The following are also covered by the exemptions:

Meanwhile, passengers of ships or vessels from domestic seaports will not be allowed entry. Cargoes and items may be unloaded, as long as delivery receipts or vouchers showing the place of delivery in Ormoc or to another place near Ormoc are presented at the port area. 

The crew members of these ships and vessels will be subjected to strict quarantine procedures.



Class suspension, other measures

The city also suspended classes in all levels, including vocational and training schools, from March 16 to 20.

"Internet cafes, movie houses, computer gaming cafes, pisonets and singkonets, and similar establishments shall not be allowed to admit minors for the duration of this executive order," the issuance added.

Retail and service establishments are advised to remain open, but should strictly implement social distancing measures. Public utility vehicles licensed to operate within Ormoc "shall remain functional" as well.

Police authorities in the city "shall be primarily responsible in the enforcement of this order in the thoroughfares in the boundaries of Ormoc." – Rappler.com