VLOG: Filipinos join largest climate rally in history

NEW YORK, United States - The People's Climate March becomes the largest climate rally in history, with over 310,000 people participating from all over the world.

The march held here on Sunday, September 21, draws from the activism and energy of grassroots organizations to pressure world leaders meeting at the UN Climate Summit to make bold commitments to fight climate change ahead of a treaty to be agreed upon next year. (READ: Q and A: What's at stake for PH in climate summit

Filipinos take part in the historic event to call on top emitters and the Philippines to invest in clean energy.

Ayee Macaraig files this video blog.

The protest turns into one big parade.
This is the People's Climate March here in New York, which aims to be the biggest action for climate change in history.

One thousand-two hundred groups are marching the streets of Manhattan from sectors as diverse as the environment, labor, faith to LGBT groups.We've seen groups from as far as Tibet and Bangladesh.

People here demand concrete action, expressing frustration at governments and corporations for failing to do enough to curb greenhouse gas emissions and invest in renewable energy.

The march shows the different faces of climate change, affecting various aspects of people's lives.

Filipino climate activists and domestic workers are also making their voice heard, calling on President Aquino to walk the talk on climate change.



The economy of the Philippines is very much affected by climate change. As a result of that, the continuing poverty and unemployment it produces pushes the over 10% of Filipinos to go out of the Philippines to find work to put food on the table, send their children to school. So we are those people.



PNoy, please naman you cannot demand them to cut their emissions when right in your backyard, 45 coal plant boilers, expansion and new coal-fired power plants ipapatayo mo? Ano yun? Katawa-tawa. At the same time, sasabihin mo kailangan natin mag-adapt to climat ehcange, hihingi ka sa kanila ng support pero ikaw mismo di mo maayos ang sistema sa sarili mong bansa.

(PNoy, please, you cannot demand them to cut their emissions when right in your backyard, you will build 45 coal plant boilers. What’s that? That’s ridiculous. At the same time, you say we need to adapt to climate change, you ask them for support but you cannot even fix the system in your own country.) 

This March is touted as a day for the global grassroots climate movement.
While participants don’t expect much from world leaders meeting at the UN Climate Summit, they say they have to take it upon themselves to act. 

Ayee Macaraig, Rappler, New York.

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