PTV apologizes after mistaking Emilio Aguinaldo for Andres Bonifacio

The People's Television Network (PTV) apologized after erroneously using a photo of Emilio Aguinaldo in a feature intended for Andres Bonifacio during a live broadcast on the 122nd Independence Day celebration on Friday, June 12.

In an official statement, the state-run network said it would upload a revised version of the video on its social media pages.

"We sincerely apologize for this mistake. Rest assured that, under the new PTV Management, necessary training and skills development will be initiated to avoid similar inaccuracies," PTV said.

The clip in question featured a quick background on the Philippine Revolution led by Andres Bonifacio, a national hero celebrated for his role as "Ama ng Himagsikang Pilipino" (Father of Philippine Revolution). The screen, however, showed a photo of Emilio Aguinaldo.

When a court martial ordered Bonifacio's execution, Aguinaldo commuted his sentence, only be to pressured by his "ranking subordinates, led by Generals Mariano Noriel and Pio del Pilar," to restore the death sentence. –